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Save on interest

With theCoin Net Assets Account get a 0% intro APR offer, plus no annual fee. Find out if you're preapproved for aCoin Net Assets® card with no impact to your credit to check.



All data on financial operations as well as personal data are effectively protected with EV SSL certificates and additional services on encryption of data transfer.


Get checking with the right features

Open a Coin Net Assets total Wallet account and set up direct deposit. Including a $0 Liability Guarantee that helps cover you from unauthorized transactions.

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Why Choose Us

Get World Class Wallet & Fastest Online Payment Service

Low Costing

Domestic and international outgoing wire transfer fees typically range from $0 to $35.

Safe & Secure

We keep our eye on your credit and identity with account activity tracking, data breach monitoring and much more

Live Support

Got any questions ? We are always active and ready to chat. You can also mail our support team

Happy Customers

Years in trading

Our Branches

Successful Projects

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Our Services

Get Your Online Wallet

Coin swap

We offer a low exchange fee so you can exchange your currency anytime.

Personal Loans

We offer different types of loan with low interest rate. You can get a loan easily.

Multi Currency

Coin Net Assets support multi currency of your choice.

Apply Loan

We offer different types of loan with low interest rate. You can get a loan easily.

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Online Shopping

All assets in one place

  • Many companies have issued their tokens onCoin Net Assets.
  • Highest Returns on your investments.
  • No withdrawal fees. No minimum balance. No overdrafts.
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Our Investment Plan


24/7 Support

  • Minimum:$200
  • Maximum:$1000
  • Percentage:20%
  • Duration:1 Day
  • Interval:Daily

24/7 Support

  • Minimum:$500
  • Maximum:$5000
  • Percentage:40%
  • Duration:2 Day
  • Interval:Daily

24/7 Support

  • Minimum:$2,000
  • Maximum:$10,000
  • Percentage:80%
  • Duration:2 Day
  • Interval:Daily

24/7 Support

  • Minimum:$2,500
  • Maximum:Unlimited
  • Percentage:96%
  • Duration:2 Day
  • Interval:Daily
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Document of authentication

Legal Registration

  • Our company is legally certified to guarantee all your investment risk and gains. Through our dedicated approach to financial management and assistance, we have earned this certification which we are happy to share to you.
  • We are dedicated and focused on giving you a level ground for your crypto investment and aiding your financial dreams in a shortwhile. Here are Some of our Dedicated Services
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82.50 Exchange Rate $5.50 Transition Fees

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Goal Setting

Manage Your assets Without Stress

  • Learn To Budget
  • Create An Emergency Fund
  • Get Out Of Debt
  • Save And Invest Your Money

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Track your coin live statistics